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International arrivals to the U.S. declined slightly in October 2016 compared with October 2015, continuing a downward trend in inbound tourism that began earlier in 2016. The U.S. Department of Comm
A new gallery at the Museum of Nature opening Wednesday marks Canada’s 150th birthday by documenting the region that makes up four-tenths of it but too few of us will venture to visit.
Photographs captured at locations across America, show the vast retail playgrounds in a state of decay, waiting to be snapped up by new developers.
Would you like hot or mild sauce with your wedding? Beginning Aug. 7, marriages will join nachos and burritos on the menu of a Taco Bell on the Las Vegas Strip. For $600, couples can walk up to th
ANCHORAGE, Alaska (AP) — Alaska is commemorating 75 years since nearly 4,000 segregated black soldiers toiled in harsh weather and terrain to help build a highway across the state and Canada. The sol
With these crowd-beating strategies, you can elude the worst of the hectic tourist routine and make the most of all Europe has to offer.
ANCHORAGE, Alaska - Leonard Larkins and nearly 4,000 other segregated black soldiers helped build a highway across Alaska and Canada during World War II, a contribution largely ignored for decades ...
NORFOLK COUNTY, ONTARIO – “I’d say we’re in a league of our own in this area.”
Astonishing photos have captured the world of America's western saloons (pictured) during the 19th and early 20th centuries. They prove that the bars really did live up their historical reputation.
Photographs captured at locations across America, show the vast retail playgrounds in a state of decay, waiting to be snapped up by new developers.
The crescent-shaped landmass off the tip of Cape Point in Buxton started surfacing in spring and now it measures around one-mile in length and 400 feet across.
Orlando International Airport officials predict a bustling July 4 weekend with nearly 6 percent more passengers than last year’s holiday. Officials held a news conference Tuesday to unveil the latest
KINDERDIJK, Netherlands - The windmills at Kinderdijk were built in the mid-1700s as a way to clear water from the low-lying landscape of the western Netherlands. Sometime in the 1950s, the ...
BRYCE CANYON NATIONAL PARK, Utah - I drove across the country for the first time in 1984, alone in a car without air conditioning and a radio that stopped working ...
MEXICO CITY - Mexico's consumer agency has announced fines and new rules meant to protect travellers from airlines, especially in the areas of bag fees and delays. The federal consumer prosecutor's .
Film buffs may remember the slender ivory dress mega-star Judy Garland was wearing when she sang "In Your Easter Bonnet" in the film "Easter Parade,' which she starred in with Fred Astaire in 1948
From New Hampshire to California, some of Frank Lloyd Wright's best-known works are being showcased this summer during the sesquicentennial of the famed architect's birth.
What makes business travel better – as told by frequent travelers             
Teton Village, Wyo.'s Bodega Specialty Grocer & Bottle Shop sources quality ingredients for its fried chicken, pork buns, burritos and more.             
Vision Jet could made jets affordable for buyers who now opt for turboprop or piston planes.             
USA TODAY offers a side-by-side comparison of two of the world's biggest new cruise ships             
We need your help picking our winners             
These doughnuts in Canada might make you spell donut differently             
Canada's best destinations, attractions, national parks, scenic drives and cottage regions             
Figure out how much you want to spend, stay in a simple camp to be closer to nature and decide what wildlife you want to see.
Greenpeace has found bottles, bags, packaging and plastic fragments on every one of the 30 beaches it studied in Scotland, increasing fear that seabirds are being affected by the rubbish.
People have been submitting adorable pictures of their pets side-by-side to Bored Panda to show how a pint-sized puppy can double or even triple in size in just a few short months.
Mastering the art of the panoramic photo can be quite the challenge for some, and often, as we seen here with examples from around the world, even a slight error can result in mayhem.
ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. - New Mexico Gov. Susana Martinez is expected next week to announce record-breaking tourism numbers for the southwestern state. The Republican governor is scheduled to unveil the st
The rugged nature of Horn Island in the Gulf of Mexico made it Walter Anderson’s muse. A few generations after his death, rising seas will likely subsume it whole.
The area is a place of pilgrimage for late-model would-be knights of the Round Table, as well as mystical seekers of many stripes.
SEATTLE - On again, off again, off again, off again and now, partly back on: That's the peculiar route of President Donald Trump's travel ban after a Supreme Court decision ......
I found seven water-based adventures in Northern California, including rafting, a sundial bridge and an armada of houseboats.
A hand-drawn map that shows Walt Disney’s original ideas for Disneyland has sold at auction for $708,000 (over $935,000 CDN).
Implementation of a limited version of the Trump administration’s ban on travel from six mostly Muslim countries is “going to be a little messy for the next few months,” says Jorge Barón, director of
Adrian Jones, general manager of Legoland Florida theme park since before its opening in 2011, has been promoted to divisional director of Midway North America for parent company Merlin Entertainments
No matter how sensible your ideas can seem when you're completely inebriated, on reflection, you ask yourself 'what on earth was I thinking?' - just like these people.
The flight landed around 3pm and was pictured with the tip of its left wing missing. Thomas Cook said the plane had a 'suspected technical fault', but were unsure as to why its wing was broken.
'YuriFineart' shows on YouTube how he uses Lightroom to transform images from his travels through Europe by raising shadows and tweaking contrasts.
Hiroyuki Arakawa, 79, from Japan, says he's been friends with the same odd-looking Asian sheepshead wrasse named Yoriko for the past 25 years.
You've heard of the Windy City, but how'd Chicago get that name?
Have more than a week to go on vacation? Check out our 8-day trip breakdown.
Flying only sporadically can leave gaps in our knowledge.
If America's Cup racing in Bermuda has you dreaming about piloting your own boat through waves and wind, Moorings yacht rental service has some advice: Rent one of the company's 400 boats located
Ritz-Carlton is launching a line of 623ft luxury cruise yachts, which will call at locations typically not accessible to large cruise ships, from Capri and Portofino to St Barths and Cartagena.
Camping takes a lot of work, but here are seven camping spots that are worth the hassle -- and one that's entirely effortless.
What if you could use a mobile app when you arrive at the airport to order dinner, a copy of your favorite magazine and a travel pillow and have it all waiting for you before you take off? That’s
Ready to go camping? Don’t start packing the car just yet. Your trip begins with your computer and/or your phone. “Campsites in California are very popular and can book up quickly, so making reser
Guests will dress in period pieces at historic estate. A hotel offers room and lake cruises.
The next step in making our skies safer is unclear. But you may look up one day and say, "I'm flying like it's 2007 again."
ANNAPOLIS, Md. - Preservationists worried about keeping U.S. colonial history above water have scheduled a conference in Annapolis, Maryland. The Newport Restoration Foundation is holding the confere
KELOWNA, B.C. - Thanks to a thriving tech industry that has seen more than a 30 per cent growth in just two years, Kelowna has seen its demographics change drastically ......
Lakefront festivals and beach volleyball. Beer gardens and Brewers.             
Restaurants and bars debut juicy dishes, desserts and drinks with one of summer's star fruits.             
Shouldn't airlines, hotels and other travel companies charge a fair price for a complete product?             
More women in the workforce, more jobs and new technology are changing things for the ADEA (Age Discrimination in Employment Act).
I rate Mary Forgione's guide for novice campers after my family and I survived our first family camping trip.
Don't be discouraged to take a camping vacation, here is a guide that has been tested by a newbie
It serves its community but that doesn't mean buses and trolleys, among others, can't also help those who are far from home. Here are some that extend a hand.
When Ahlam Shahbel changes her American Airlines flight, the carrier promises a refund of the price difference. It never delivers. Can she persuade American to do the right thing?
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