Manufactured Housing Institute Lobbying Clouded by New Controversy

  • “Pay more attention to what people do than what they say,”

    – MHI award-winner, Marty Lavin

  • Manufactured Housing Institute Lobbying Clouded by New Controversy

    The Manufactured Housing Institute (MHI) has created its own controversy, on the eve of their much ballyhooed “Legislative Fly-In” for lobbying members of Congress in Washington, D.C.  

    Two of that manufactured home industry trade association’s senior staffers were allegedly involuntarily terminated, days prior to their event, as was first reported by the Daily Business News, at this link here.

    The Arlington, VA based trade group has removed the names of former Vice Presidents Lois Starkey, and Tom Heinemann from their staff roster, but would not answer questions as to the cause of the two departures.

    While the MHI Executive Committee members presumably know, queries to several other MHI board members and state association executives revealed that many were in the dark about the staff changes.  “I don’t know. If so, I didn’t hear. If I hear something, I will let you know,” read one email to MHProNews.

    I have not heard. As long as she’s [Lois Starkey] been there I can’t see her quitting without sending some communication out. Obviously, she was rushed out regardless,” said another message.

    Sources suggested to that Lesli Gooch – Senior VP, a Ph.D. and failed Republican candidate for Congress – demanded and got the two former MHI vice presidents’ terminations.

    There was also friction reported between MHI President, Richard A. Jennison, and VP Starkey.

    Starkey was involved in the more technical side of the federally regulated HUD Code for manufactured housing. Sources say that while work-arounds are possible, not having that kind of experience on staff for a technical role is troubling.

    Starkey also is said to have had perhaps the most total tenure with MHI, outside of their educational affiliate. 

    Some of the current VPs have only 1 to 3 years with the association.  Their president, Richard A. “Dick” Jennison, has just over 5 years with MHI. 

    Comparing those tenures to manufactured housing industry state associations, or the Manufactured Housing Association for Regulatory Reform (MHARR), places MHI senior staff among the least experienced association people in the industry.

    Terminations – Signaling an MHI Pivot Regarding HUD? 

    Sources are also saying that under growing pressure from grassroots elements of the industry, that MHI might be relenting on asking the Trump Administration for a new administrator over the HUD’s Manufactured Housing Program.  HUD Secretary Dr. Ben Carson would be the agency’s top person over that department. The manufactured housing program is currently led by Pamela Beck Danner, JD.

    Commenting on Starkey, one source told MHProNews that “She [Lois] and Pamela Danner appeared to be tight. Pamela always went straight to her at any event and would generally see them leaving to go have dinner together.”

    Several industry voices have been calling for a change at the leadership of the HUD Code manufactured home program, including an MHI award-winning retailer, Doug Gorman.

    Mark Weiss, President and CEO of the Manufactured Housing Association for Regulatory Reform (MHARR), MHProNews editorially, and even voices from within MHI have called for a new program administrator to replace Danner, as part of a necessary changes the industry is seeking at HUD.

    MHARR has accused HUD of being out of compliance with federal law on several issues. MHARR’s leadership has also said that MHI ‘goes along to get along’ with HUD, which hurts independent producers, perhaps to the indirect benefit of larger ones.  That Washington, D.C. based trade rival to MHI says that while they are representing HUD Code manufactured home producers, the harm being done applies to communities, retailers, suppliers, and all those who want to see the industry grow more rapidly.

    One rumor is that Starkey – who has some history with Danner – and Heinemann, who was formerly with HUD – were in part being swept away to make room for a shift on MHI policy regarding keeping or replacing Danner.  That could not be confirmed, as of publication time.

    The Fly-In Agenda’s Featured Focus Itself is Doubtful

    MHProNews has previously reported that third party research reveals that MHI’s plan for reforming Dodd-Frank is unlikely to pass. Their bill, dubbed Preserving Access to Manufactured Housing, has been through 3 prior congressional cycles, having failed to pass it each time. The most recent reports on that topic, are linked here and here.

    For the report on the two MHI terminations, along with related controversies at MHI, click the link here.

    For commentary on this incident, framed in the context of the need to reform the Manufactured Housing Institute (MHI), click here.

    For MHARR’s position on their call to replace Danner, click this link here. ##

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    Linium Achieves InFusion Partner Program Status from Misys

  • “We are delighted to be awarded partner status with Misys, in recognition of our track record of delivering successful FusionBanking Loan IQ implementations for multiple clients,” said Gary Huang, Managing Partner at Linium.
  • Summary: Expands opportunity to deliver Misys FusionBanking Loan IQ, a single solution that enables lenders to consolidate, automate and optimize corporate and commercial lending

    Linium, a world-class provider of business services that empower the entire enterprise, announced today it has joined the Misys InFusion partner program. Misys, a global financial software company, will expand its opportunities to deliver the world’s leading solution for servicing commercial loans.

    Leveraging the rich functionality of FusionBanking Loan IQ, Linium provides financial institutions with a single platform for bilateral, commercial and syndicated loan servicing, trading and settlement. The unified platform allows banks to consolidate lending lines onto a single servicing solution to lower total cost of ownership, drive transparency across lending operations, and enable more profitable growth by tightening risk control, and generating more timely and accurate data across the loan book.

    Linium is delivering significant results through its partnership with Misys, including successfully leading the implementation of a major system rollout for a global bank. Linium consolidated and moved all syndicated and participation deals from legacy commercial lending systems into FusionBanking Loan IQ, while also decommissioning all legacy loan systems and sub-systems. Other FusionBanking Loan IQ clients have now selected Linium to execute their latest version upgrade in multiple locations across North America and EMEA.

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    For additional information about the Less Percent technology you can visit the Less Percent’s homeowner FAQ section at and real estate agent FAQ section at


    Less Percent Real Estate, LLC, is the developer of an Internet based bidding platform, that targets homeowners and business-to-consumer service providers in the residential real estate industry. Less Percent enables homeowners wanting to sell their home to save thousands of dollars in commissions by providing homeowners the ability to compare multiple offers from top local real estate agents that want to win their listing. At no charge to the homeowner, Less Percent removes the hassle and awkwardness of having to negotiate with agents, while the homeowner remains completely anonymous until they select the agent that best fits their needs.


    The information contained in this news release, other than historical information, consists of forward-looking statements within the meaning of Section 27A of the Securities Act and Section 21E of the Exchange Act. These statements may involve risks and uncertainties that could cause actual results to differ materially from those described in such statements. Such forward-looking statements involve known and unknown risks and uncertainties, including all business uncertainties relating to product development, marketing, market acceptance, future capital requirements, competition in general and other factors that may cause actual results to be materially different from those described herein as anticipated, believed, estimated or expected. The Company is under no obligation to (and expressly disclaims any such obligation to) update or alter its forward-looking statements whether as a result of new information, future events or otherwise.



    Less Percent Real Estate, LLC.

    Michael Huegel, CEO

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    Company Name: Less Percent Real Estate, LLC
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    Breakthrough communications technologies for assisted care facilities

  • CAREQ Emergency Notification Service provides administrators of care facilities (such as assisted living / nursing homes) with communications technologies that empower them with unprecedented speed and resources to focus on the safety and well-being of their residents, not only in emergency situations, but in day-to-day operations as well. With CAREQ-ENS, care administrators are best able to meet the challenges, responsibilities and expectations of those who depend on them most.
  • Summary:“The comprehensive messaging and tracking capabilities of CARE-ENS gives our assisted living facility a level of emergency and operational speed and visibility unlike anything we have ever seen before”.

    Thuh Company proudly announces the availability of CAREQ-ENS Enhanced Notification Service for care facilities.

    Thuh Company, a proven leader in emergency communications technologies announces its newest product, CAREQ-ENS Enhanced Notification Service.   CAREQ-ENS automates enhanced communication services for organizations such as assisted living facilities and nursing homes that are directly responsible for the care and well-being of others.

    For many healthcare organizations, traditional communications and practices often rely on manual procedures and hardcopy information compounded by outdated technologies that can significantly delay timely decisions and actions.  Those challenges are further magnified in emergency circumstances.

    CAREQ-ENS was born out of discussions between healthcare administrators from assisted living and nursing home facilities combined with experienced fire marshal personnel to identify ways to improve the unique needs for overall emergency communications for these organizations.  Not only are emergency procedures for care-givers impacted by these challenges, but daily, ongoing operational communications are affected as well.  CAREQ-ENS addresses all of these needs using cutting-edge communications and data technologies that are already in use for emergency responders across North America to ensure the reliability and uptime that are required by the care services marketplace.

    The CAREQ Enhanced Notification Services provide care facilities with multi-level communications capabilities to:

    • execute an emergency response plan with unprecedented speed and efficiency from anywhere at anytime

    • communicate with all staff or specific staff groups in a controlled and efficient manner combined with built-in tracking of responses and availability of staff

    • select multiple methods to communicate with staff, families and community partners via text, phone, email or all three — depending on the mode of communications that is most convenient for each contact

    • easily send essential non-emergency messages to staff members as part of regular facilities operations (e.g. procedural changes, shift assignments, special notices)

    • readily customize communications to meet specific needs, saving time, effort and resources

    • store vital documents and checklists electronically such as pre-incident plans, blueprints, muster points and other critical information that is readily available at any time online

    • provide post-incident information for management review and reporting

      CAREQ-ENS is designed to be accessed directly from anywhere using any device using standard Internet browser technology.  No special equipment is required and the system supports all types of phones (both cell and landlines) and other mobile devices. 

      There are few jobs as important as caring for our most vulnerable communities.  Maximizing their safety in their “homes” through effective communication and operations is vitally important.  CAREQ-ENS provides administrators with tools that empower them with more time and more resources to focus on the people who rely on them…the people who need them most.


    Contact Detail:

    Company Name: Thuh Company Inc
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    Joe Exotic For President

  • The media does not want you to know there are other choices out here and its not fair to the American people to be stuck in an election made for them.
  • Summary:If you are having trouble with Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump, there is a new guy in town that you might like better

    Wynnewood Ok- Joe Exotic otherwise known as Joseph Maldonado on the ballots for President of the United States is the Independent Candidate that the New Media does not want you to know about. Why? Because this man has so many simple solutions to problems facing the working class people and the tax payers of this country, but the only problem is his way of fixing things are going to take big money from the pockets of many Politicians in this country.

    Now either secured on the ballots or State permission to be written in on the ballots as President of the United States in Indiana, Colorado, Washington, Montana, Maryland, Delaware, Washington DC, Missouri, Kansas, Alaska, Illinois, West Virginia, New York, Minnesota, Nebraska, Ohio, Arizona, Kentucky, Oregon, Wyoming, Pennsylvania, Alabama, Michigan, Maine, Texas, California, North Dakota, Maine, Virginia and he says he is not done yet, waiting for confirmation on some others.

    More determined than ever Joe say he is going to make politicians listen to the people of this country for a change. Not just make promises that they never keep.

    Look at it this way “Joe Says” if Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton won’t give me the time of day after emails, certified letters and the making of 244 videos posted to facebook and youtube, you can guarantee that they really don’t give a crap about you or your problems facing how you pay your bills, get health care or anything about social security being paid back. And we don’t even want to discuss how this country is going to get out of debt. But I have solutions to most of these problems and they won’t even acknowledge that I am running in this election.

    Mr. Maldonado came up with a plan of how to get the people to remember how to vote come November the 8th. Since a lot of the States are write in’s and knowing how people forget things in their busy lives, Mr. Maldonado has ordered silicone wrist bands that are red, white and blue with Vote Joseph Maldonado on them to mass mail out the last 30 days so people will wear them and when they get to the voting box they know who to vote for and how to spell his name.

    Maldonado has done what no other Independent Candidate has ever done in a Presidential Election and that is post 244 political messages on facebook getting millions of view explaining his solutions and spelling them out to the people of America. To see his Immigration and health care plan you can watch the video.

    Maldonado also has a live show on the internet 5 nights a week where you can ask him anything you want live from the show and get truthful answers to your problems all at 7pm cst on


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    Company Name: Joe Exotic For The People Of America
    Contact Person: Joseph Maldonado
    Phone No: 4056651003
    Address: 25803 NCR 3250
    City: Wynnewood
    State: Oklahoma

    Country: United State

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