eastern france on the other side of the ocean, to explore the legend for xiyuan no.1 “grabbing screen” behind new york

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At 9:00 A. M. , New York time, October 11th, more than 300 global media witness together that Country Garden·Xiyuan NO. 1 topped on the big screen of New York Times. The oriental France growing in on the other side of the ocean won the “Asia’s most pure French Habitat Award”. And  Kunshan has been splendent for 2500 years. What kind of charm makes a real estate the focus of the world?Let’s go into this new Asian mansion and decode “pure France in the eastern kingdom”.

Urban Source  World famous places  Pure value zone

Kunshan  which is known as “the back garden of Shanghai”, is the model cities in the urban agglomeration of China’s Yangtze River Delta economic circle. Its generous land value has been internationally recognized. Xiyuan NO. 1 chooses excellence in excellence. It originated western citadel plate, and ensconced noble community on Ambassador Road. Moreover, it built a new height of world value in Kunshan.

An Ambassador Road is raised by two lakes. Ma’an Mountain Road is the prosperous Century Avenue of Kunshan city. It laid a rich area position in early twenty-first Century; Yangcheng Lake and  Puppet Lake are the global famous scenic resorts. They has become the natural greeting card of Kunshan greeting the world, and their value is self-evident. It stands up against the geography and natural resources of the Palace of Versailles in France, which makes Xiyuan NO. 1 have enough capital to show the land confidence of the East. The so-called position is probably the land based system of the original affirmation of the identity of a real estate.

Oriental quyi  – Vocal ground of Wu-yue,  Pure Art Humanities

The Paris Opera House is the world’s musical resort as famous as Broadway in the United States. French opera has always been a shared social language among dignitaries in Paris. Coincidentally, As “The Origin of Chinese Operas” of oriental quyi, Kunqu opera  brought out Beijing opera, the quintessence of Chinese culture. And its artistic position is not inferior to French opera. Up to this day, “Youyuan jingmeng” has been the century elegance that Wu Yue people tell for generations. No matter how the times change, life art lives forever in the pursuit of high quality of life philosophy. Xiyuan No. 1 is infiltrated in such humanistic tunes to keep the pure Eastern soul.

Palace regulation – Eight laws of origin – Pure French architecture

Xiyuan NO. 1 has established the intention of the design concept of the palace of Versailles in France since its founding. It also employed the “eight laws of origin” to  retain absolutely the essence of French palace architecture. With standard classicism three section building facade, it inherits the beauty of reason;What’s more, it planned the golden landscape of the cross axis landscape and the symmetrical layout of the 12 constellations. Two fountain in three fold type’s  meaning is blessing life. They add to the soft warmth of home  for the solemn French regulation.

Garden layout is show ingenuity. The double corridor forms to the natural honor guard. Through multiple groups of landscape integration of the entire community, you  can see a lot of scenery with your every step. Four seasons are always new. I have to say

that the details of architectural techniques makes Xiyuan NO. 1 really restore the essence of French architecture, but also the French life.


Social arena – Celebrity community – Pure elite sphere

Prior to this, the hidden noble community Ma’anshan  Avenue  has never had a lack of global celebrities. Some people like to see the lake, some people like to listen to music, but also some people simply like the west of the pure rich country. After Xiyuan NO. 1, people will rethink the significance of living in Asia. After touring the global map, Can the living desire “people in the East, while thier hearts are tied to the world” be really realized? As a result, the Xiyuan will be attracted by the of the upsurge as long as its establishment. The activities such as calligraphy, painting, banquet, tasting, a series of Chinese wealth forum cross-border reception, will get the world trendsetters who live in the Orient together.



At present, the Asian Fashion demonstration area of Country Garden·Xiyuan NO. 1 is open. Its  area of structure is about 240-330㎡ of French elevator flat Villa. We are sincerely inviting the people of insight to visit Asia’s most pure French habitat to share together the legendary land of“world Scripture and 100% home”.

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