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If you want to buy fiber cement panels, magnesium oxide panels or calcium silicate panels, then choosing Yunion is the perfect decision for you to make. Due to its professional manufacturers, they sell the best fiber cement boards, magnesium oxide boards and calcium silicate boards, with the best prices on the market. In order to guarantee the best quality, there are daily inspections done by the company and also by a 3rd party to assure buyers of the quality, something essential in this industry. There’s an amazing development from Yunion’s team, regarding accident’s prevention. Something very important for any buyer is receiving the product in a timely manner, but with this company everything is shipped without any delay due to its location of transportation of the products, which guarantee a fast shipment for any buyer after the payment is received. Yunion has amazing low prices, and ships for several countries and the buyer will receive the products very fast, in about 20 days or less.

Yunion’s high quality fiber cement panels

Fiber cement panels have been used widely in several constructions. These are made from fined fillers (about 20-30%), sand (10-20%), cellulose fibers (10%) and cement (40-60%). Its thickness varies from 5mm to 20mm.If it’s quality you want, then buying from Yunion is the right choice. These panels are fireproof, waterproof and resistant to impact. Besides that, they will absorb sounds and have heat isolation. They’re extremely easy to install, one of the reasons why they’re so popular nowadays. These panels have several applications: for internal and external walls, as decoration, for cladding and partition and also as a sub-roof board. They won’t suffer any deformation when wet, or frozen. Some of the applications made with fiber cement panels are actually shower surrounds, so getting wet isn’t a problem.

Magnesium Oxide Panels

These panels are made from several materials, such as wood fiber, magnesium chloride, magnesium oxide, perlite, and others. This is an eco-friendly panel that can be used in several in decoration, partition or constructions and it’s amazing when used to salve the fireproof problems in some buildings. It’s a very innovative panel, since it won’t rot, won’t break, it’s fireproof and waterproof, has a long lifespan, it’s very light and it is a very strong material. A magnesium oxide board is very cheap, which makes it highly popular and sells very well. In Yunion everyone can buy this panel at the best price, no matter where they live since they export to Italy, Australia, UK, and other countries around the world.

Magnesium oxide panels can also be bought in different colors: Light Yellow, Light Red, White, Light Grey and Dark Grey. It’s up to the buyer to choose the color of these panels. These can be used as decorative, and can actually change a whole room just because of the different color. It depends on what type of room you’re building, as well.

Calcium silicate boards

This type of board is made from a mix of fillers, fine silica, Portland cement, and special cellulose fibers. It doesn’t have any alkali, so there won’t be any marks on the board anytime. That way, it can get exposed to heat and moisture that it will dry out without losing its strength. It can have a long lifespan, especially because it won’t rot or have any fungal issues. Sunlight or steam won’t also provoke any change to the board. It should be applicated due to its impact resistance, its sound absorption and heat isolation. It’s fireproof and waterproof. It can be used on external and internal walls, ceilings, for partitions, for floors and wall tile. Yunion offers this product with the best costs, even with having to ship the panels.

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