Shenzhen KNY Battery Industrial Co.,Ltd Announces The Production And Distribution Of Custom Rechargeable LiFePO4 Batteries

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Shenzhen KNY Battery Industrial Co.,Ltd has been focusing on fabricating and selling high-tech lithium polymer and lithium battery packs and batteries for nearly 12 years now.

Batteries are the souls of a nearly unlimited range of products and devices that are used by people all over the world. These devices include both big and small gadgets starting from a handheld smartphone to an electric vehicle. Batteries and battery packs are what drive digital cameras, mobile phones, automatic toys, portable gaming consoles, personal digital assistants, electric cars, diagnostic and medical equipment, and a host of other thingamajigs. Shenzhen KNY Battery Industrial Co.,Ltd which was incepted in 2005 is a forefront establishment in China that has been dedicatedly producing and canvassing lithium ion/lithium polymer batteries, including custom rechargeable LiFePO4 batteries.

These custom rechargeable LiFePO4 batteries have a nominal voltage rating of 3.2V with a capacity rating of 600mAh. The charging voltage for these batteries is 3.65V and has a lifespan cycle of 2000 times, or in other words, the batteries can be charge and reused for at least 2000 times. This LiFePO4 battery can be charged in a temperature range of 0˚C-45˚C whereas the storage temperature varies from -10˚C to 60˚C. There are several benefits to using these battery packs. For instance, they do not have any memory effect, have an extended functional life, high performance capacity, and very safe to use. At the same time, the packs are biodegradable which means these are eco-friendly.

custom rechargeable AA Ni-MH RC battery packs

The batteries find applications in electric bikes, electric cars, and scooters, and other kinds of vehicles running on electricity. Shenzhen KNY Battery Industrial Co.,Ltd also specializes in manufacturing ODM 2S1P 18650 LED lighting battery packs that have a nominal voltage and capacity rating of 7.4v and 1400mAh respectively. The batteries start charging on a voltage of 8.4V and have a lifespan of 500 cycles which implies that they are apt for recharging nothing less than 500 times. A charging temperature varying from 0-45˚C is appropriate for these LED lighting battery packs. Every LED lighting battery weighs just about 65g. The advantages of using these batteries are that they have a high energy density as well as voltaic capacity.

Additionally, the batteries are extraordinarily environmental-friendly and free from any memory effect. Also, as mentioned above, the battery packs have a long functional life. One can place an order for these lithium ion batteries for either assembling as series or parallel stacks. These batteries find widespread use in smartphones, notebooks (computers), digital camcorders, digital cameras, DVDs, MP3s, and so on.

Coming finally to custom rechargeable AA Ni-MH RC battery packs, these packs have a nominal capacity of 1800mAh, lifespan of 500 cycles, charging temperature ranging from 0˚C to 40˚C, and storage temperature of -10˚C to 30˚C. If customers so want, standalone cells could be stacked in series or parallel as per their convenience. This type of battery finds maximum use in DVDs, CD players, MP3s, notebooks, telecommunication, electric razors, and many other devices.

About Shenzhen KNY Battery Industrial Co.,Ltd

Shenzhen KNY Battery Industrial Co.,Ltd with its headquarters in Shenzhen is a prime producer of lithium-ion and lithium polymer batteries/battery packs in China.

Media Contact
Company Name: Shenzhen KNY Battery Industrial Co.,Ltd
Contact Person: Daisy Peng
Phone: +86-0755-82772785
City: Shenzhen
Country: China

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